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El Rabta yelli Btorbotna • الربطة يلي بتربطنا
The country was on the verge of an economic collapse prior to covid 19. The implications of Corona lockdown just came to worsen the situation and increase the number of Lebanese struggling with their basic daily needs.
The poverty rate in Lebanon is expected to soar to more than 50 percent in 2020; whereby 22 percent will live in extreme poverty. Moreover, FAO estimates a rise in the number of unfortunate people losing their lives to hunger and starvation.

Time to ACT!

ACT For Food has been closely working with partners and associations to provide saved and discarded food for more that 1700 families across Lebanon.
“El Rabta yelli btorbotna", bread unifies us campaign by ACT, aims to secure bread packets to impoverished families Lebanon wide. We literally put bread on the table, the daily basic food item. A family of 5 can survive for 1 day on a bread packet.

We urge you to help us eradicate hunger by assisting us reach our goal of 10,000 distributed packets in 3 months. ACT’s higher aim is to provide bread to all impoverished neighbourhoods.

By donating as little as 2 000 LL ( or equivalent), you can save a family for a day.
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