Send Your Love to our families and friends in need in Lebanon
Send Your Love organization was created in 2019 with one goal: to send Love all around the world and help the less fortunate. We organize volunteering trips around the world, focusing so far on Kolkata in India, and volunteering events in our home country Lebanon and provide you with the means to Send Your Love with us in several ways.

We created in February 2020 a fundraising campaign and were able, with your contribution, to bring help to:
- 20 Lebanese families in need, by providing them with food boxes,
- “The missionaries of Charity” in Beirut, to buy food and hygiene products for the residents of the center (orphans, senior citizens and refugees).

We aim at continuing this initiative, through this new fundraising campaign, to be able to help more families with your support during this extremely complicated economical and sanitary situation in Lebanon by providing as many food boxes as we can.
In these difficult times, where bad news seems to be around every corner, let’s try to create a positive movement that will impact many lives.

So please, be many to donate and help us reach the highest number of families possible.

Send Your Love to the World, Send Your Love to LEBANON
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