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We will fight this together
Dear supporters,

The Hunger Games is a sad reality of life in Lebanon.

Ahla Fawda started in 2014 delivering a diverse range of community based initiatives from ecological and environmental projects, art and music festivals to supporting children, working for those with special needs and coordinating humanitarian missions, all aimed at supporting local communities in all aspects.

During the Thawra we continued to support communities working with Family Support to arrange & distribute more than 150 food coupons & food boxes.

With COVID-19 & the enforced lockdown, we focused primarily on delivering food boxes to needy families, ensuring they have base essentials (for at least a few weeks) to cook nutritional meals without leaving the safety of their homes and more importantly, to provide for families that can no longer provide for themselves.

We collaborated with local NGO’s to identify the most needy families and distribute 960 food parcels & 400 bags of hygiene kits.
It’s our duty to continue our mission & to do all we can, which is only enabled by your kind generosity.

We need your support to continue; every penny you give will go to feeding a family in need.
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