Reconstruire Beyrouth
Reconstruire Beyrouth, un coin après l'autre.
Reconstruire is a social initiative that aims at restoring the demolished houses in the Greater Beirut area after the massive explosion. From windows to doors to furniture purchase, we are looking to make a difference no matter for affected families that are looking to take back their normal daily life.

Every single donation helps so we can get up on our feet after this tragedy. The progress of each project will be posted on our social media platforms.

NB. The amounts donated in Dollars are going to be exchanged according to the market rate.
Please disregard the rate of 1,500LL that's shown on the platform.
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Tax residents in France are entitled to a tax reduction for their donations to Reconstruire Beyrouth. All they have to do is to tick the French resident box at the last step.