Kfarhabou Association
كفرحبو ثمارنا
Kfarhabou simarouna is an association looking to empower women in the village, encourage long-term food storage and food supplies to sustain much higher population densities and competing food production methods.

Agriculture in Lebanon is important. It helps the resources reach the countryside, and discourage migration to urban areas. The government starts to realize the importance of the sector, for which there has been little attention.

Main Production of our campaign:
Olive production: Storing olives with flavoring (Lemon, oregano and others), an olive from Kafarhabou is picked when fully mature.
Honey production : we harvest honey from the bee hives and sell it to consumers. It is a little known fact that Lebanon is one of the only countries in the world where bees can find natural sources of nectar all year long.
Jam production ,Fig jam, pumpkin jam, bitter orange jam, Berry jus, Orange-blossom water, Rose water, cedars honey, flower honey and Oak honey, Oregano and herbs (Sumac), all kind of pickle and tomato paste

The agricultural sector receives less than 1% of the state budgets, accordingly we hope that you could support and help our woman group in order to purchase agriculture equipments, raw materials, clear glass preserving jars, and to provide furthermore financial support to our women team to operate the self-storage facility.

You help is appreciated to maintain a balanced life in the village of Kfarhabou.
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