Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf
Food is not a luxury it is a necessity
FAID was founded in 1957 with a view of helping children with special needs, mainly the deaf, and of advancing the rights of persons with deafness, promoting their full inclusion in relief and recovery programs in Lebanon and elsewhere, being a loving, caring and learning environment is very important to us.

Our work in the recent years has been focused on supporting children with deafness from different various areas of Lebanon regardless their religions or background.

The main of our food drive is to provide our students parents with the basic needs of food and Hygiene to help them continue with these difficult times. We do as well need to our boarding section as our students stay for the week and receive 3 main meals and 1 snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The daily students as well receive snack and the little ones drink milk.

Helping us providing the food for our boarding students section will help us to continue our mission and to provide them with other basic needs like (batteries for their hearing aids, earmolds materials, heating….)

76 families can benefit from food and hygiene parcels , 89 students daily and boarding at FAID premises.

Some people cannot cry for help Deaf Children need your help.
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