Dar Al Ali Association
Together to say NO to Hunger and Coronavirus
Dar Al Ali operates in one of the poorest regions of the Middle East, North Lebanon, especially Tripoli and Akkar, to provide food, social protection and support to the poorest and vulnerable families, who risk dying due to malnutrition and poor humanitarian and economic situations.

Dar Al Ali focuses on addressing the social, mental, emotional, and physical damages caused by the conflict through providing medical and social services to the poor, disadvantaged groups, and the disabled people, especially those that suffered the long-term effects and traumas of the war.

Due to domestic quarantine, one hundred thousand people in the course of our work suffer from the risk of death, not only because of the Corona epidemic, but also from lack of food and material resources.
We URGENTLY appeal for our help to provide food to families at risk of starvation.

Those who do not die because of the Corona, will undoubtedly die from lack of food due to the catastrophic economic situation of the country, which obliges the citizens not to stay at home to ensure their daily food.
Lebanon is suffering and its North needs exceptional support!
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