Beirut Resurrection #8
CHREEK (Capital Human Recycling Environmental Economic Kit), is a Lebanese NGO established since June 2013. We create patterns of partnership between members of chaos to achieve positive social, environmental, and economic results. This year, we have put our big efforts to be next to our families due to the economic situation and COVID-19 crises.

Since August 4th, Chreek created its campaign “First Aid Lebanon”, with fast rescue mobility in 4 sectors. We launched a medical team to help the injured and the sick, a food supply team to ensure food security, a Psychosocial support team to maintain mental and emotional health of the victims and indirectly affected people, as well as the construction and repair team to help bring people back to their homes.

Until now we have helped 2,000 families, delivered 8,000 meals, served medical assistance for 245 cases, and covered the areas of Karantina, Gemmayze, Mar Mkhayel, Bourj Hamoud, Basta, Khandaa Ghamik with 30 active volunteers.
In addition, we are helping people to do repairs for windows, doors, furniture, household appliances. We have a team of engineers who is working on the inspection and budgeting. Another team of Foreman and workers who are handling the repair in different field.

With your help, we can change the present and give some hope to these families to have a better future.
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