Anta Akhi
Together to overcome all difficulties with joy
Anta Akhi is a private non for profit association who takes in charge 258 persons with mental, physical and multiple disabilities. Out of these, 74 adults are very dependent in their autonomy and are welcomed as interns, semi-interns or externs. And the remaining 184 children and young adults are trained so that they realize the importance of their life, accept their handicap and become witnesses of joy despite all difficulties.

In that sense, beside fulfilling all the needs of our young adults, the overall mission of Anta Akhi aims at the same time at making a change of perspective to rehabilitate the society in its relationship to the world of disability, and promote "life together", different and complementary, in peace and joy as brothers.

To meet the needs of our young people with disabilities, Anta Akhi must generate its own funds: in the absence of fixed income, in the cancellation of all our income-generating activities, and with parental contribution amounting to almost 2% of the operating costs, Anta Akhi only relies on donors’ assistance to respond to all the needs.

Food has always been donated to Anta Akhi, and while the situation in Lebanon is becoming increasingly difficult, there is a definite need for all the help we can get. Through your food contribution, you will help our young people to live in dignity.

Thank you for taking part in this adventure of love.
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Tax residents in France are entitled to a tax reduction for their donations to Anta Akhi. All they have to do is to tick the French resident box at the last step.
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