Firmenich for Achrafieh 2020
As we all try our best to adapt to the new reality of this unstable world, one city has been hit with even more dramatic events. Beirut has been devasted and many families have lost their loved ones and thousands have lost their homes.

The help comes from the street and the people themselves. In the long standing humanitarian spirit of Firmenich we believe that we ought to help our friends in Lebanon. So we have decided to collect some money in order to help as best we can.

Of course it was important to find an association who would have the most direct impact for the ones affected. We have selected the Achrafieh 2020 Explosion Relief Fund, hosted on the Just Help Platform. Just Help works as an E-Commerce for many NGO and specializing in first necessity goods.

You will in effect buy real food, items which will be delivered to the association by Just Help directly.
Just Help does not take a percentage for the donation and uses 100% of your money to buy products.
You are free to make a donation to them when making your payment.

We will track via our individual web page the donations you have all made and FIrGulf management will double the amount at the end of the collection period.

The good news is Just Help will not wait for the end of the period to start buying products.

Thank you for your generosity and remember that every little helps.
The patrons and partners Just Help
The patrons and partners listed below support the food drive of Firmenich for Achrafieh 2020.
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Tax residents in France are entitled to a tax reduction for their donations to Firmenich for Achrafieh 2020. All they have to do is to tick the French resident box at the last step.