DCL (Development, Culture & Leadership)
Together for Beirut
The massive explosion in Beirut’s port on the 4th of August 2020 created not only havoc but also a long list of people whose houses were rendered inhabitable by the debris. Most of these families, homeless overnight while already suffering the compiled effects of a global pandemic and the financial meltdown of the Lebanese economy, cannot afford to bring even the most staple food on the table.

DCL (Development, Culture, and Leadership) is a Lebanese NGO founded in 2008. Since 2019, and in response to the economic crisis of Lebanon, it has added in its portfolio of activities the distribution of food boxes to numerous impoverished communities. Today, with processes that respect both the dignity and the interests of those in need, DCL steps up to the new challenge and supports the distressed Beirutis.

Help us provide 15 essential food items to 100 families affected by the recent disaster in the Lebanese capital
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