Ahla Fawda
Together, we continue to move forward

No-one was prepared for it

AhlaFawda was essentially transformed in the aftermath of the August 4th explosion; our work grew faster than the impact of history in our country. As a result, we continue to strive harder in order to reach a wider demographic of victims across Lebanon. AhlaFawda pioneered in home reconstruction first week of the explosion

Working on ground zero, we reconstructed and rebuild over 260 homes as well as few commercial premises and a number of schools. We assessed damage repair in the Port of Beirut amongst other areas, mobilized youth volunteers to clean the streets from rubble and broken glass, organized food supplies, assessed medical needs, extended services to poverty stricken areas and continue to create NGO collaborations in the country

Donation Policy: We are honored to receive trust and support from donors worldwide including charities and companies like JustHelp, Cisco and Skechers. These forces work across Lebanon. We have full transparency in money transaction which is why our JustHelp page displays details of where your dollar is going. Literally, you choose the food/medical/household item

Our Mission: The human family needs you. Every dollar counts, and every small victory makes a difference in ways unimaginable to a struggling family in Lebanon. We strongly believe that what you give comes back to you tenfold

Together, we continue to move forward

With utmost appreciation,
AF Team

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