How to prepare your first message

Your 1st message by Whatsapp, SMS or other instant messaging systems

This message is mainly to inform your network and ask them to share the message with their

own entourage. It is also a quick way through which the person can donate.

Message’s Title

It is advised to start the head of your message with a title in Bold.

The title consists of the name of your association and the subject of the campaign.

How to make a bold text on WhatsApp?

Add an asterisk (*) before and after the message : *AFEL – Online Donations*


The Message

Write a small brief about your campaign.

It should be as short as possible (150 words maximum).

Say why you are doing this fundraising.

Tell in a few words the story behind your fundraising.

Tip: Using 1 or 2 emoticons related to your collect can be a visual plus.


The link to your campaign on Just Help

In order to create a direct access to your campaign on Just Help, add the link to it in your

message, along with a short sentence that explains how to do it.

Example :

You can support us in a few clicks by selecting some products that will be delivered directly

to us :


Tip: Use 1 emoticon before the link (Ex: =>) to highlight it and make sure the link is clickable.


Remind them to share this message + Add a small saying at the end